We Like Music.

All kinds of music.  Our goal is to provide high-quality musical entertainment to the residents of the Lower Yakima Valley.  By partnering with local businesses as event hosts and sponsors, we will bring a steady stream of top-notch entertainers to Prosser, WA.

There is nothing quite like the magic of talented people playing live music on a small stage in front of actual live people.

  • Live music is better.     Neil Young

  • The first piece of music that captured my imagination was Ray Charles live at Newport.      Van Morrison

  • Live music is healthy.    John Lydon

  • Live music is the cure for what ails ya.    Henry Rollins

  • But then I am one of those guys that is still a bit afraid of the telephone, its implications for conversation.  I still wonder if the jukebox might be the death of live music.   Tom Waits

You don't want to miss these opportunities for live music.  To stay current on up-coming events, Like our Facebook page.  Bookmark us.  Sorry - we don't tweet.  (It's a personal thing.)

Send us a note if you have a band recommendation, venue suggestion, or just want to tell us how awesome we are.

Thanks for checking in.

The Roots Cellar


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